What do the commercial architects

Commercial architects design a wide range of buildings. They interpret the requirements of design from a customer for a building and are responsible for coordinating the team of design and construction drawings for a project. The distinction between a commercial and a residential architect is on the type and size of projects to undertake a commercial architect.

Types of construction

Studies of commercial architecture design all types of buildings other than single-family homes. Commercial projects include retail stores, airports, shopping malls, high-rise towers, hospitals, stadiums, office buildings and hotels. Multifamily large-scale developments such as condominium complexes and apartment buildings are also considered high-rise commercial projects.


The phases of a proposed commercial design include schematic design, developed design and construction documentation. By working with the client and the consultant team, the architect developed a design drawing in a complete set of plans and specifications. A contractor will use the construction documents for pricing and project construction. The number of architects involved in the design of a commercial building and the length of time needed to complete the design depends on the size and complexity of the project.


Business architects are responsible for managing the work of consultants and coordinate the drawings and specifications for consultants with architectural design. The consultants usually start a commercial project with an architect include a mechanical civil engineer, electrical engineer, plumbing, structural engineer and engineer fire protection. A commercial architect can also offer services of interior design and lighting, or work with interior designers and design consultants.

Project management

A commercial architect also manages other aspects of the project’s architectural design, including design programming, program requirements and budgetary customer expectations. During construction, a commercial architect administers the contract between the contractor that is building the project and the client. An architect can work with an independent project manager or the owner’s representative, who is employed by the owner.


Commercial architecture studies vary in size, and are proportional to the scale of work that architects specialize. Architectural offices that make small commercial projects are typically between five and 10 people. For large, complex projects such as airports or high-rise buildings, commercial architecture studies may be 100 to 200 people in one office, with several offices in different cities.


To specialize in commercial architecture, a graduate from college with a degree in architecture will start working as an intern at a law commercial architecture, and will make its way in experience and responsibility in the company. Business architects are trained to work with other experienced architects and project managers in a professional working environment.