Types of garbage trucks

There are several types of garbage trucks that have been designed based on commercial and municipal needs of the owner / operator. With the advent of mandatory recycling in most communities, garbage collection has become more complex. According to the way of how the garbage and take designs routes collected, the trucks are designed to perform specific functions. Loaders types include front, side and rear, claws and folds recycling, dump trucks and trucks with ramp.


Incorporate automatic front loaders forks in front of the cab to lift and empty large commercial containers using a series of levers. Once the trash is emptied into the box, compacted. Autocar, for example, produces a front loader of 66,000 pounds (30,000 kilograms) and rear-capacity trucks powered by a Cummins diesel engine of 350 horsepower.

Rear loaders

The rear loaders perform a different function than the versions with front loader refuse collection in the back with the staff throwing garbage bags and emptying the contents of containers in a large bowl. Once the container is filled, the content is compacted. The dimensions of the rear loading machine are similar to Loader, such as the Cummins diesel engine 350 horsepower equipped in the bus.

Chargers sides

Loaders on either side can be automated or operated manually to pick up trash on the side of the truck. Usually trucks are operated by a single person can operate the car load side. A second person is employed in manual versions. International Harvester and Peterbilt are among several truck manufacturers that produce 260 horsepower diesel engine load side.


Garbage trucks with ramps normally used in construction and demolition for the collection of large volumes of waste. A container box be placed in a special bank rollers or trailer in which the box is rolled out of the truck, left on the site and then reversed on the truck when packed for delivery to the landfill. Mack trucks equipped with diesel engines 405 horsepower, are popular trucks with ramp.


Recycling trucks are specialized trucks which usually have the automated loaders sides operated by a single worker gathers only recycled material, operating controls from inside the cab. International Harvester and Peterbilt produces a line of recycling trucks equipped with Cummins diesel engine.

Truck clip

The clamp truck collects bulky material or even destroyed by the demolition cars. The clamp loader is mounted on a frame with a claw-like device to grasp and deposit waste in a rear housing mounted on the chassis, a stationary box or a box mounted on another vehicle. These trucks are commonly used in landfills or commercial enterprises. Series Ford F-800 trucks and Freightliner and Mercedes, can be equipped with a hook and charger powered by the Cummins diesel engine.

Works trucks

The Peterbilts, Freightliner, International Harvester and Mack’s trucks are combinations cabin / common chassis for dump trucks, which consist of a simple rectangular box placed on the rear chassis and operated by hydraulic lifts pulling waste at the back through a flip-down tailgate or door.