Types of construction tools

The key to maintaining a construction business first are your tools. No matter how qualified they are your employees, if you have the right tools, the job cannot be done properly. There are a variety of construction tools available for use, each with different sizes and meets a specific need. These tools help increase productivity and are especially important when working with tight deadlines where the management of time is crucial.


The cranes are used to lift heavy objects or materials from one place to another. They come in many different models and sizes to meet all needs. Some types typically include mobile cranes for demolition, loaders to load items, stackers for automated warehouses, container gantry to move tower to build high and floating, essential buildings to build ports, build bridges and unload ships. The standard crane used in construction of buildings is the tower crane. Typical specifications with a height of 265 feet (80.77 meters), maximum range of 230 feet (70.10 meters) and a capacity of 18 metric tons (18,000 kg).


A forklift is an industrial truck used not only in construction but also in warehouses and manufacturing units to move heavy materials, primarily stored on pallets. These trucks are very convenient tools for transporting materials and come in a variety of sizes to suit every purpose. Some types include: counterbalanced, narrow corridor, seated, order pickers, cats, aerial, street sweepers and scrubber. The ability of a forklift standard four-wheel varies between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds (1360.77 kilograms and 2267.96).


A charger is a type of tractor with a square cube placed on the front to hold materials. The hub is connected to the arms of the machine and construction workers can control these mechanical arms to lift them and carry different materials, such as dirt, gravel, logs or sand. A charger also referred to as front, bucket, front end or blade.


An excavator is a construction vehicle, also known simply as cava Dora with a bucket and cab mounted on a rotating platform. An excavator is used to dig trenches or holes, demolish buildings, as well as forestry and treatment materials.

Concrete mixer

One of the pieces of equipment most commonly used construction is a concrete mixer. Cement, sand, gravel and water is poured into the rotating drum to prepare quickly and easily mix concrete. Concrete mixers also have a hopper for dispensing concrete. For smaller volume works are also available portable concrete mixers.


A steamroller is a construction vehicle used for compacting concrete, dirt, gravel or asphalt for roads or other foundations. The tamping yet known as steam rollers in parts of the world although most of them now use a gas engine and internal combustion engines.

Sand vibrator

Vibrators sand play an essential role in the construction as workers use them both if they need to sift through sand as separate dirt and other waste materials. The sand is widely used in construction, not least as one of the main ingredients to make concrete. There are a variety of vibrators available in the market arena, including the vibrating machines manufacturer’s construction tools.